The newest and best crowns are available at this time. They are Zirconium, which is one of the toughest material in dentistry today. You have no black rings around the gum line like you do with the old style crowns. They are more translucent, allowing the light to penetrate to the tooth eliminating the black roots you get when the gums recessed. Our crowns are made by our personal lab with the latest CNC and computer software to make these crowns. This is the reason why we don't make the while you wait crowns. The equipment in the office is not to the standards in which we want our patient to have their work fit and match their mouths. In office equipment has too many limitation to be able to match this quality. But if speed is more important than quality then my office is not for you.

When fillings need to be done, we only do fillings that match your teeth. No just white fillings but color match fillings. For the black fillings, we have not placed one in this office for over 15 years. Why put something in a patients mouth I wouldn't want in mine.

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Family Dentistry

Periodontal Hygiene

Michael Andersen, DDS,PA in Fort Myers

Family Dentistry is something we have been proud of doing for over 25 years. We do not believe in sending family members away to make it easier on ourselves. Children are some of our best patients we have and always enjoy the time when families visit our office.

All our patients go through a complete periodontal examination before any cleanings. Probing of the pockets around your teeth is done to establish which kind of cleaning is needed. Make sure if your getting a new examine that you ask what the pockets are on your teeth. We have found that too many clinics are having patients go through scaling and root planning when they have 2-4mm pockets. Also just heavy plaque above the gums is no reason to have scaling. If you are an advanced case of periodontal disease you will be sent to the proper specialist to treat it by some one properly trained in this field.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Michael J.Andersen, DDS,PA

Artistic Cosmetic Dentistry

Implants are a standard of care that should be offered in every office.

The Doctor has 20 years of experience in implant placement. Which is very important, when it comes to making your smile right. He understands where and how to place them, so you have the very best smile.